With Vattinn' security is elegant

With Vattinn' security is elegant

Ulturale is the first brand in the world to design and market a "safety tie", a tie with an integrated mask, which can be used to protect the face in case of need without sacrificing elegance.

A beautiful and safe tie. High class, but also capable of providing effective protection for one's health if necessary. At first glance, it would seem an impossible request to satisfy: probably such a tie does not even exist on the market. But it doesn't. Thanks to Ulturale, which has designed and produced a unique product of its kind: a "safety tie", or rather a tie with an integrated mask, which in case of need can be worn to protect the respiratory tract without giving up anything in terms of elegance. It's called Vattinn', and it is the big news in this year's Ulturale catalogue. Ulturale, world leader in haute couture ties, confirms its ability to innovate while remaining tied to traditional values, making luxury and craftsmanship coexist.

A daily requirement

As often happens, everything was born from a fleeting intuition. Maestro Vincenzo Ulturale and his collaborators wondered what would happen if someone, without a mask, needed to protect their airways, being able to make do with just what they were wearing. The answer came almost naturally: "The tie could be the right solution". A good idea: unlike a jacket, a tie is never taken off during the course of the working day, and is therefore particularly suitable to replace a face mask in case of need. In addition, being able to transform the back of the tie (the tail) into a mask would protect it from any potential contagion, keeping it away from other surfaces. Starting from these ideas, the Ulturale team immediately set to work, with the aim of arriving at a model that could provide protection in a wide range of situations (because, if it is true that in the West we have discovered the usefulness of the mask only recently, in other parts of the world it is also used in normal circumstances, for example when you are in contact with a person showing flu symptoms).

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