It is a story of passion and skilled hands that gives life to one of the most prestigious symbols of Italian haute couture.



Ulturale ties, a must-have accessory in the wardrobes of entrepreneurs, politicians, showmen and even heads of state, were in fact born from the love Vincenzo Ulturale has had since childhood for fabrics, swatches and the creation of unique objects. A passion born in the family workshop, active in Naples since 1948, and grown over the years to become a brand synonymous with elegance. Since the mid-1980s Vincenzo Ulturale has been dedicated to the creation of exclusive products. Every detail, every single step of the workmanship, every fabric selected with extreme care gives life, for example, to the iconic seven-fold and then to the "Tiè"-ironic Neapolitan cast of the English word "tie"-the lucky tie, inside of which is inserted a small horn of coral and gold.



Production choices-subtleties in the eyes of the layman but decisive in achieving excellence-make Ulturale's ties unique: the closure stitch on the back, sewn higher up, or the movable "friction thread" that makes the tie incredibly soft, or even the inner core made only of natural fibers and the cut made exclusively at 45°, which implies a greater use of fabric but ensures that the tie does not twist. Over the past three decades, Ulturale has experienced progressive growth, which has seen the opening of its boutiques in the most prestigious streets of Naples, Rome and Milan and the expansion of its range of exclusive garments-from scarves to foulards, from swimsuits to shirts-thought of and made as creations intended for the most demanding clientele.



A story that continues with the entry into the company of the third Ulturale generation, Martina alongside her father Vincenzo in production and Francesco in style direction to project the brand into the contemporary, always paying attention to tradition, to the craftsmanship that has made Ulturale a brand loved by an attentive public.