He who says tie says woman

He who says tie says woman

Between games contrasts, elegance and irony, the gentle sex appropriatesa of themale accessory

for antonomasia. A story that begins centuries ago and that has never stopped of rinnto be renewed.

Who has said that the tie should essere a accessory solely maccessory? Qhis head, from
always synonymor of elegance in fashion for uome, si is imposed soon also in that female,
becoming a point of force ina creation of look chic and seductive. The tie rega the woman
that particular charme che was born just from contrast between masculinity symbolic
ofindumen and the femininity of who the wears without neglecting a touch dirony. The woman,
forward has of maximumbut freedom inluse of this accessory not beingbeing subject to the rigid
dress code male.  

Fromlover of King Sun to Melania Trump

Who consider the tie to the female una trend delllastima season would err of big: the
first woman a wear aa tie addirit to the of the King Sun. Swe are talking about
Louise de la Vallière educated woman and affasciante as well as beingé mistress di Louis XIV. The model of
tie called "lavallière" takes the name just from her.
In seguito, athe beginnings of thenineteenth century, wear the cravatta a completion of a look androgynous
became a real fashion among the pioneers of feminism, first among all theintellectual and writerwriter
George Sand. And come not cite the divine Marlene Dietrich who, in the Hollywood of
Thirty, made iconic lo dinner jacket by woman with tie man in his storic interprestation
ofBlue Angel ! In more recenti - – we are in 1977 - – on the large screen, the tie is
was one of the touches that made unforgettable the character of Byane Keaton in the
comedy romantic Me & Annie, by capolavori by Woody Allen thata by Keaton was
performance so iconica from to be awardata with theOscar.
Nemmeno the mo of theart figurative is rimasto indifferent to the power of a woman with the
tie: just think lo splendido R itrait of a woman with tieatta black by Amedeo Modigliani.
Today are many the divas who enjoy wear this accessory with style, by Blake
Lively a Cara Delevingne, from Beyoncé to Monica Bellucci, from Salma Hayek allex First Lady
Me lania Trump, who not hesitated to sc even in aofficial occasion such as the visit of the
premier canadeif at House White.

Not cis limit to the imagination

Lhe versatility is aa of the characteristics of the tie feminine, which pcan boast many
declinations different and modes diuse from resulte always one choice a and original.
Aa woman can decidedere of open the of the own partner and steal a men's tie ,
or of buy one specifically femmini plus narrow or characterised by particularri
fantasies or decorations.
In line general, le two types of tievatta by woman more widespread are the narrow slightly
short and a tinta unita or that one po plus wide and a fantasy (almost always floral or
geometric). They can be worn with a knot simple or with noof plus processed as those
use for cravattand male. Le ties a tinta united are of usually more suitable a look trendy or by
office, while for an evening outfit you can focus fabrics precious and f antasies sgargiants, by
match maybe a pearls, paillette or spille vintage in able to transform them into real and joys.lli. In
certain cases you can choose of portarand the tie a mo di scarf untied, on by a dress
rather eccentric, or the si can squeeze into life like aoriginal belt or, for a effect.
by modern daughter of flowers, is can intertwine in the hair as a ribbon or on a hat
summer a flap wide. Not cthere is limit to the imagination!

Some tricks  

Esistono, alltavia, some accorgiments in po the tie - – althoughand not mandatory - –
allow of valors at better the female figure and l outfit in its complex. For the women
high and skinny is best avoid the ties too therghe forbecause not are out of proportion.portioned,
while the more petite and curvy should aim - – for the itself reason - – on ties less
subtle. both i cayes, is well do take care that the length of the tie does not exceed the belt
a time knotted. Si recommend then, chooseiere a tie of fabric more suitable for the season,
avoiding - – ad example - – the wool summer and the linen dwinter. La silk, invece, è always aa good
idea. Attention, also alle fantasies: se la tie has a print colourful and showy the rest
dofoutfit dmust be definitely sober and viceversa.
Lhe tie declined at female - – with its spirit dissacrantand and creative - – it's really a hymn a freedom for every woman d not renounce never be itself itself.
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